I’m a graphic designer and find inspiration in such things as God’s creation, family, friends, music, faith, art, design, the printed page, photography, movies, documentaries, museums, displays, tea, food, and the all-powerful internets — in varying orders on any given day.

I have a passion for designing projects to be visually appealing. Combining a pile of elements and ideas into useful tools for communicating thoughts, ideas, and messages is one of my strong points.

Professionally I’m primarily a print designer, but also do some web graphics, photography, and video. I also have some limited past college experience with web design, interactive, and animation. I received a B.F.A. in Design (Time Arts) from Northern Illinois University. I have 14+ years of full-time experience plus freelance and pro bono experience.

I’m from and currently live in the Quad Cities area — a combination of Illinois and Iowa cities on the Mississippi River. Former homes and places that I was stationed in the Navy include: Orlando, FL; Mobile, AL; Pascagoula, MS; Pensacola, FL; North Chicago, IL and DeKalb, IL.

If you like what you see and have a position or project that we might make a good match in, please contact me.

Thanks for looking,